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Truck Leasing Broker

What Is Truck Leasing?

Truck leasing is essentially leasing or renting a vehicle for a specified period of time and then returning the vehicle at the end of this time period. A typical time period for leasing a truck is usually 2 to 3 years.

What Kinds Of Truck Leasing Are There?

There are "closed-end" truck leases, and the less common "open-ended" truck leases. A "closed-end" truck lease is when a truck lease includes an offer to buy the truck at the depreciated value when the lease has expired. An "open-ended" truck lease is when the truck lease specifies that the one who leased the truck pays an end-of-lease payment if the residual value of the vehicle or truck is greater than the actual/liquidated value of the vehicle or truck when the truck lease expires. For instance, if the end-of-term residual is $9,000 and the vehicle is liquidated at that point for $8,500, the one who leased the truck owes an additional $500 to the truck leasing company. However, if the truck is liquidated for $9,700, the truck leasing company owes the one who leased the truck $700.

Who Arranges The Truck Leases?

A truck leasing broker arranges truck leases between the one doing the leasing and the one doing the lending. A truck leasing broker can potentially earn a high-income.

How Can You Become A Truck Leasing Broker?

At Triple-AAA, we offer a self-employment business opportunity to become a high-income truck leasing broker. You can get started in about 10 days, and you can earn $75,000 part-time, or $175,000 full-time, potential as your own boss, working either from your home or office.

What Are The Benefits Of Being A Truck Leasing Broker?

With our high-income loan broker program there is no previous experience necessary in the business, no selling involved, no inventory required, no special equipment needed, you can work from your home or office, no employees needed, no office rent, and you can work part-time, expanding at your own pace.

Other benefits include tax advantages such as deducting a percentage of your utilities, rent, travel, telephone, car, driving expenses and much more as a business expense. You can also deduct our high-income loan broker business program as a business expense!

Are There Any More Benefits To Your High-Income Truck Leasing Broker Program ?

Yes! While other similar programs take up to 50% of your fees/commissions, with our Triple-AAA High-Income Loan Broker Business Program you keep 100% of your fees/commissions!

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