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What Are Tips On How To Be A Successful Loan Broker ?

What makes a good loan broker ? How can you convince potential clients - be it borrowers or lenders - that you are an effective commercial loan broker who will meet their needs ? Read on to learn about tips on how to become a successful commercial finance broker.

  • Know what your lenders have to offer your customers. Different lenders will offer different types of loans and will engage in different types of transactions. By understanding what each type of lender offers, you can then tailor what you present to your customers which will enable you to match their needs with the appropriate lender. By knowing the lending guidelines for each lender, you will effectively and efficiently match them to appropriate borrowers and close deals sooner, saving you both time and money otherwise spent determining and establishing suitable matches. Furthermore, your marketing of lenders to borrowers will be more targeted and will increase the probability of closing deals. The more efficiently you match lenders with borrowers, the more personal income you will earn in a shorter period of time.
  • Describe yourself as a consultant or financial business agent rather than a broker. A consultant or financial business agent has a more positive connotation than a broker. View yourself as a person with solutions to a common problem in business: locating capital to finance projects. To businesses, you are essentially an intermediary between businesses and their access to capital. Rather than giving the borrower applications to fill out and a quick conversation about the lender and their information requirements from the borrower, you should take at least an hour to discuss the borrower's current issues, how their business operates, and formulate a plan on how to help them. By being straightforward and showing genuine concern for their problems, having their best interests at heart, and taking the time to carefully help them devise a plan of action, you will earn the trust of your borrower, helping to increase the possibility of future business from them.
  • Become great at marketing your finance broker business. When marketing your business, what are the types of customers you are seeking? Where are these customers spending most of their time? Once you have identified and targeted your customers, you can then deploy the correct marketing tools to both focus and spread the message about your business. Maintain a collection of media that will be used to support the sale of your service. Examples of media include: sales brochures and related printed product information, visual aids used for sales presentations, and web content for your website(s).
  • Establishing proper agreements for your business. This includes clearly defined fee agreements with clients to protect your business, as well as other types of explicitly stated agreements for any other type of situation that may arise between your business and clients.
  • Keep abreast of the latest news in your industry. It is important to know the latest news and trends regarding lending and financing, and how these changes affect your clients. It is your responsibility to learn these new tools, methods, and techniques. Pursue any opportunities for personal growth and education that may arise. By keeping up to date, you prove to your clients - both borrowers and lenders - that you are a competent finance consultant/broker who can successfully meet their needs. Due to changes in the economy, markets can also change and by quickly identifying these changes and locating either established or newly developed niche markets, you can locate clients who might need a specific source of capital because of the change(s) in the economy. Sources of updated, real-time news about lending include leading industry newspapers, financial magazines, and online websites such as popular, reputable blogs and other websites, and RSS feeds.

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Get Details And Your Loan Broker Starter Kit Now

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