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Loan Broker Business Opportunity To Start A Loan Brokerage Business

Would you like to start your very own loan brokerage business and be your own boss?

You can potentially earn a six-figure income as a loan broker, working at your own pace either part-time or full-time from your home or office while continuing to receive commissions/fees from your activities. Just imagine the financial independence, time and freedom to enjoy it!

What is a loan broker?

A loan broker serves as an intermediary between one who borrows money (either an individual or a company) and a loan sources of capital (either a financial institution, individual, or a venture capitalist).

A loan broker arranges loans between these two parties, gathering information from the borrower that meets the information requirements of the loan sources. The loan broker earns a commission/fee from either the borrower or loan source depending on the compensation arrangement. Additionally, the loan broker can continue to earn annual commissions/fees for servicing the agreement in the form of keeping records of payments and other similar activities.

How do I become a loan broker and where can I find a good loan broker program?

At Triple-AAA, we offer an exceptional business opportunity for persons who would like to be in the financial service business as a part-time or full-time loan broker.

As a loan broker, no other business offers more prestige, power and extraordinary earning potential than the financial loans business. As a professional loan broker, earnings of up to $175,000 dollars or more a year are possible.

At some time or another, everybody needs to borrow money, and this is where you come in. As a loan broker, you can help arrange all types of loans for borrowers and the best part is that this program will show you a simple and easy method to earn huge fees and keep them all to yourself.

As a loan broker, you don't need years of college or a background in finance to earn those kinds of commissions. To be a loan broker successfully is knowing where the loan sources are!

The programs offered by Triple-AAA will show you exactly where the loan sources are and how to have the loan proposals funded. Let's face it, you are offering a service that everyone needs, and once it is known that you have loan sources who are funding various types of loans, you will be swarmed with loan requests. Borrowers will seek you out.

Finding borrowers is easy! As a loan broker, no selling is required, money sells itself. As a loan broker, you will be shown thirty ways to have a constant flow of clients contact or write you with their proposals. For example, a small ad in a newspaper or a short form letter mailed to commercial realtors, builders, developers, real estate attorneys, architects, engineers, appraisers, doctors, dentists, accountants, insurance and pension fund sales people, business people, and others, will produce many qualified loan requests for you. These people are always looking for money to refinance or build new projects, expand their business, start a new business or a variety of real estate or business ventures they or their clients need money for. When you inform them that you have a variety of financing available, you will receive a constant flow of loan requests. Loans or leasing of all kinds are available for any useful purpose, including autos, trucks, machinery, or equipment.

You can earn $2,000, $5,000, $10,000, $20,000 and more on just properly packaged loans submitted to the right loan source. Once you know the secrets, use it to open the door to success and financial security in a professional turn-key business all your own. Get on the fast track to a six-figure income as a loan broker with one of the leading financial service firms showing you the way, even if you have no prior experience or are just starting from scratch!

The professional loan broker program will enable you to successfully package and obtain funding for loans from $5,000 dollars up to millions of dollars! The techniques of packaging a loan application - actually putting together the "right" information in the "proper" format for the "right" loan source to review - are the most important factors in funding the larger loans - the loans that net YOU those bigger commissions and fees.

This is your opportunity to join the ranks of the nation's leading money professionals, who have spent a lifetime learning the secrets to how to package loan applications and where to submit them to best enhance their chances for funding. By simply matching the money needs of borrowers with loan sources nation-wide and world-wide, you can now reap the rewards previously available to only a select few professionals in the field.

Get Details And Your Loan Broker Starter Kit Now

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