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What Is An Auto Or Car Loan Broker ?

An auto or car loan broker serves as an intermediary between the consumer who wishes to obtain an auto or car loan and the lender or companies who wish to finance the loan.

What Does An Auto Or Car Loan Broker Do?

An auto or car loan broker will take the information that the lender needs from the borrower and pass that information onto the lender. If the borrower's credit rating is poor to bad; even if they are bankrupt, they can still obtain a loan. Upon receiving the information, 95% of the lenders will approve the borrower's loan request. Once the loan is approved, the broker will receive his/her fee/commission based upon a pre-arranged written agreement.

In addition to autos or cars, loans can be arranged for trucks, heavy equipment as well as all other mobile equipment. As a car, auto, truck or vehicle loan broker, there is no limit to what you can earn.

What Are The Advantages of Being An Auto Loan Broker ?

As an auto loan broker, you can earn a six-figure income by making the loan acquisition process much easier and faster for the consumer. In addition, an auto loan broker can frequently obtain better financing terms and interest rates than the consumer can get on their own from a local lender.

Being a self-employed car loan broker gives you the freedom to arrange auto loans from your home or office. No experience is necessary, no special equipment is needed to do this business, no inventory is needed, no selling is required, no employees or employee salaries are needed, and you can do this business either part-time or full-time, expanding it at your own pace.

Does A Car Or Auto Loan Broker Accept A Borrower With Poor Or Bad Credit ?

Yes. The car or auto loan broker is merely a person who arranges financing between the borrower and the loan sources, regardless of the borrower's credit rating.

Where Can I Find Car Or Auto Loan Sources ?

At Triple-AAA, we offer a self-employment business opportunity to become a car or auto loan broker. In our program, we have many loan sources, including lenders, for cars or other types of vehicles, such as the many variations of land and water RV's or recreational vehicles. In addition, we show you 30 easy ways to have clients contact you with their financial needs so you can match them up with the loan sources. You can arrange loans to finance either new or used vehicles.

How Can I Become An Auto Loan Broker ?

With our high-income loan broker program, you will be supplied with easy-to-understand instruction manuals and you should be able to get started as an auto loan broker in about 10 days.

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